Monday, October 20, 2008

Patchwork in Newcastle

I am having withdrawals from sewing, I have not picked up a needle or a piece of fabric since last Tuesday! Now I am in Newcastle for two weeks for a course, and am wondering where I can find some inspiration. I have brought with me all 200 (the pile is so big, it looks like 200) of my Nice People Nice Things blocks all ready to stitch.....except for the four I have completed. I should be able to get oodles of them done as I am here husband-less and child-less for two whole weeks!! Gee I am going to miss them, but hey, I might just find company in all of those blocks.
So, if anyone knows where some Patchwork shops are here in Newcastle, please let me know.
Will be back later with photos!
Have a great day,


Janelle Wind said...

I can help you out with the patchwork shops to visit in Newcastle. There are quite a few!!

There is 'On Point Patchwork' at Waratah
'A Quilter's Hive' at Georgetown.
'Potpourri Cottage' at the Junction.
'Patchwork Coffee on Main' at Boolaroo (this one is the biggest in the area)
'Belmont Patchwork Heart' at Belmont.

If you need any help finding any of these etc, just shoot me an email. Enjoy your time in Newcastle. x Janelle

Anonymous said...

WOW! TWO Weeks without the kids. You will have withdrawals.....
Hope to see lots of sewing soon.

Julie said...

Wow, 2 weeks of blissful sewing. Have fun!!

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

What fun you will have. Even though it is hard being away from family, kick back and enjoy every precious moment. I'm so envious!