Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Bag

Martha and I made bags to carry our cutting mats and rulers to classes. The bag has lots of pockets on the front to put our rulers, rotary cutters, pens and scissors in. The pockets are well disguised unless in use. We also put a smaller pocket on the inside to cater for our small square ruler. (Will post photos of Marthas bag another day.) I had plenty of left over fabric, so decided to make a sewing machine mat to match. It also has pockets at the front to hold the ever handy quick unpick and scissors. A pin cushion is also incorporated in the mat. I saw some ladies at our local patchwork club making a mat, so decided I could whip one up. They are a great idea as they limit the vibration from the pedal being hit too hard, hehe. I am a lead foot when it comes to the sewing machine, nice and fast. The sewing machine mat was my first attempt at stippling, I found it really hard....then a fellow patchworker told me that you don't use the walking foot to stipple....der, no wonder I found it so hard!! I have since done stippling with the correct foot, and wow, what a difference! I loved it, and didn't have sore forearms after doing it!! Lol.

Now, I was shopping online, (as I am addicted to doing) and found the most gorgeous sewing caddy made from the same fabrics, Mistletoe Manor, so of course I just had to have it!

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Anonymous said...

You girls have been very busy. Love all what you've made.