Monday, September 15, 2008

Road Trip

Martha and I had a spare three hours today so at the last minute decided to go on a little road trip to Weigela Design in Warren to pick up some fabrics to add to our stash. I picked up a few nice fabrics and a pattern for another bag. Check back next week to see the bag completed.

I also picked up these fabrics to make who knows what with! I just couldn't resist them. They are the Jitterbug range, and are quite cute. Might make a lap quilt for my two girls to fight over, they both love the fabrics, but I only bought enough for one quilt!

Now I just found these fabrics in my cupboard, and remembered I bought them from The Home Patch in Bathurst a couple of weeks ago to make a laptop bag. I also bought the pattern for a laptop bag designed by Melly & Me. I must get to that soon too! Too many projects on the to do list! The pattern doesn't require buttons, but they went so well with the fabric, I just had to buy them! I may have to adapt the pattern slightly so I can use the buttons.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I am so jealous...the fabric is all so lovely....

Janellybelly said...

Hi Ladies
It's always nice to meet other fabric addicts (& bagaholics)! I made a Dolcetto bag out of the Jitterbug range (see my 9th August blog post for a pic).
Janelle xx
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Flutterby said...

Hello girls

You are doing a great job and isn't it addictive!!

Love all your projects!

Jo and I had a look at your blog last night...well tried computer kept throwing us out!

Wil try to show Jo again on the weekend.

Take care


Bloom said...

Ooooh yeah, I'm jealous too! I haven't been to Weigela all year. Maybe these holidays? Love the Jitterbug fabrics. Marally Craft in Orange is cutting this range into kits at the moment, & it is very tempting. And the laptop bag by Melly & Me is high on the 'to purchase' list for me too. Hi to everyone in sunny Narromine.

Anonymous said...

Gosh you girls should be feeling great with all this retail theorpy