Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Today is the second day of school holidays, and I am going crazy already! How messy are holiday kids?? I am taking my two girls to Spotlight today to get some fabric to make some funky shorts and skirts for them. I am going to teach them how to make them, and hopefully that will keep them busy for a couple of days this holidays! They are so excited, my nine year old Cherub (Maddi) will do anything to get on the sewing machine pedal, and the thirteen year old, Grace, likes to pretend she isn't interested. I think she is assessing if sewing is cool for 13 year olds!

Marthas six year old Claudia, has just lost her first tooth after it was loose for what seemed like forever! As soon as it was a little loose, Martha put her thinking cap on, and designed this tooth fairy pillow to sit on her bed. It is so cute. The little bag the tooth fairy is holding, has a draw string and holds the tooth and hopefully the cash that is left as a replacement! Talking about tooth fairy cash, gone are the days kiddies are happy with 50cents, all coins now need to be gold! (So my nine year old says, "You can't buy anything with 50cents mum!!)

Ok, well I am off to Spotlight! Have a great day everyone!


Scottish Nanna said...

Love the tooth fairy pillow its so cool. Have a good day shopping.
Hugs Mary.

Lenna said...

Gorgeous pillow, just love the pom pom trim. How wonderful to share your sewing addiction with a special sewing friend. Love the look of the cheesecake...any chance of posting the recipe

Cybele's patch said...

What a cute little pillow. Such a shame I never got that idea when my kids were young. They only found a coin under their pillow :-(

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Your the only other Maddi (the correct spelling as we say) that I know. Is she Madeline or Madison?
Love the tooth fairy pillow and I totally understand about the "gold coin donation". Inflation is everywhere !!!!
Good luck with the school holidays.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the cushion....great bag on previous post.

Julie said...

Oh, and the tooth always comes out right before bedtime when you find that the toothfairy only has big bills and has to run out to a convenience store to get some change. LOL.
The pillow is precious.

Day-Day said...

Hope your plan works to keep the girls occupied. The Pillow is really cute. Love Dale