Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally finished the bind!!

I have finally finished hand sewing the bind on my favourite quilt. Martha & I both used the same fabrics and made similar quilts last August in Nundle at a weekend retreat with Kerry, at Cottage on the Hill. The fabrics are so yummy, and include all my favourite colours, pink, aqua, lime green, red and a little bit of creamy beige. It arrived back from the quilter about two months ago, and has been sitting on my sewing chaise ever since, just begging to be completed. I just love having stripey bind on my quilts, and was so excited to find pre-made extra wide bias in one of the fabrics I have used in the quilt! Of course I found it at Cottage on the Hill also! So here is a photo.


Bloom said...

I so love this quilt! It's another one on my 'to do' list. Really like the quilting, especially the grid pattern. Who did you get to do it? How nice to have one finished huh?

Anita said...

That's gorgeous! I love this pattern too.

Janelle Wind said...

Oh how exciting to see my Citrus Crush made in such delicious fabrics. And I too love the exciting part of putting on the binding. Gorgeous work and a gorgeous quilt x Janelle