Friday, March 13, 2009

Marthas Flannel Quilt

When Martha sets out to make a quilt, she always seems to change it from the original pattern in some way, and makes it her own.
Well when we went to buy flannels to do another shaggy quilt, Martha decided to do the squares extra extra big. (Her theory was, bigger squares, less sewing for a bigger quilt - makes sense)
So, Marthas flannel quilt ended up being gi-normous! It was hilarious just how big it was once sewn. It was so big she had to take it to the Laundromat to wash & dry it, as it wouldn't go anywhere near fitting in her washing machine, let alone her drier. Well big flannel quilts also shrink lots, so now its the perfect size...huge! Just perfect for cold winter nights snuggling with her hubby.....and three kiddies! They all fit under it perfectly.
Martha also is a neat freak, (I do love u being so tidy Martha!!) so she decided she didn't like the daggy ends of the flannel quilt, they just dont shag well like the rest of the quilt. So Martha put a bind on her shaggy quilt. It looks great & gives it such a finished look.
I see the downside though, another quilt to bind! Just add it to the pile!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! it is just gorgeous. So how big are those squares? And the shag doesn't look very wide either. I like this idea.....

amandajean said...

that quilt is gorgeous!!! i love the bound edge on the raggy quilt. perfect!