Monday, January 18, 2010

We are back!!

Wow, time just flies between posts. I will try to be better. Not much sewing has been happening here, not sure about Martha. I do know she has been on holidays for five weeks, well it feels like five weeks betwenn cups of tea :-)

The original reason why I have been on a blogland holiday is because I killed my brand new camera with Soy Sauce. To cut a long story short, NEVER, put Kikoman Soy Sauce, you know the bottle that has a lid that doesnt actually close, (unless you are diligent & keep the little plastic plug that goes under the lid when you are finished using I do now!) into your handbag, in a plastic bag, and then jump in the car & go out to visit Martha for a Chinese dinner quiz night. Somehow, the soy sauce spilt and went through my whole bag, and through my brand new camera that I hadnt had time to put back in its protective case...blah blah blah. So now I am back to using my old camera or my iPhone.

Anyway, this last week I have finally finished my coin quilt, no photos, as, you know my camera story, and my old camera takes better photos in daylight.

I did make my daughter Maddilen a dress with some gorgeous fabric I found at Spotlight, along with some matching bias. I wanted the pink & white spot bias, but Maddi wanted the stripe. Its only a basic pattern, but it suits her nicley.

Maddi has also been busy making a bag. I made one the same and she followed me step by step. The bag has been sitting in the sewing cupboard for months waiting for me to show Maddi how to attach the handles as when I did the handles on mine, Maddi was in bed. Well she finished it tonight. She even put a contrasting pocket on the inside. Now she wants to make another one...argh!!

Hopefully I will find some time to sew a bit more, so my posts are a little closer.

Till then,

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A Gracious Home said...

Great bags. I wish I had a cherry cordial. I'm getting hungry reading all these good blogs. Welcome back. Doylene