Monday, February 22, 2010

Simple Womans Daybook Day 5

Monday 22nd February 2010

I missed last week as I was around the country side without alot of Internet access!

Outside my window....its a gorgeous hot day with a slight breeze. Great day to be outside!

I am thinking.....I feel great for going to the gym this morning and burning lots of calories.

I am thankful for.....all my good friends.

From the kitchen....I made some cookies and discovered they are about 135calories each!! Very bad, none for me. I best try and make them low fat next time.

I am wearing.....a dress Martha made for herslef & gave to me to finish. It isnt finished, but as my hubby works nights, he is asleep, and all my clean clothes are in the bedroom. (Had a shower after he went to bed)

I am creating....nothing at the moment, but I think I might make something this afternoon.

I am cooking classes with the girls tonight. Hope its a healthy dish....I am trying to be extra good.

I am reading....a fitness book called, "Turn Fat into Muscle", an exciting read ;-)

I am go to the gym every morning this week.

I am hearing....the washing machine beep that its ready to be hung out.

On my the next six weeks away :-(

Around the house.....are lots of jobs I should be doing, fold clothes, vacuum floor etc etc

Noticing that.....there is washing on the line that needs to be folded also. I am so bogged with washing & folding, argh.

Pondering these words....."No excuses"

One of my favourite spending the day at home pottering when all the kids are at school.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....bookwork, pedicure & manicure, packing.

Here is a picture I am sharing.....

This is where we went last week. We travelled to Wagga Wagga in NSW to the Military Training Barracks, Kapooka, to watch our elest son Jarad march out. It was the proudest day for us. had the best time, and yes, we cried a few proud tears.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

That is one nice handsome is he...(sorry both your boys)...LOL...Peg

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great day by the facebook photos.
You both look very proud of him too.

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats to your son...........well done.........

Kylie said...

Congratulations to your Son - where is he off too? We spent two lovely years in Wagga Wagga with my husband working at the base. Proud moments indeed - we used to go out to the parades and I would get teary and I would not even know anyone marching out on the day!