Thursday, May 27, 2010

MS Fun Run Melbourne

Just a quick second post for today to let you all know I am running in the MS Fun Run on June 6th in Melbourne to help raise funds for MS research. A good friend of mine Nicole was recently diagnosed with MS and will be travelling with me and three of my children and my sister to run the 5kms. We initially aimed to raise $1000 to help find a cure, in the last month we have raised $5223 and counting! (Mind you, our team is still coming 5th!!)
Here we are selling tickets in a raffle for a quilt that was donated by Nicole sister-in-law.

Our running team is called Nicoles Moles...a long funny story goes with that name, which I wont go into now.....but the moral to this post is...I am after some sponsors from my blogging friends. (Thimblina...thankyou for your generous donations)
I am even going to make it very very very easy for you, all you have to do is click the link here, and donate to me. You will notice that none of the members of Nicoles Moles are named Princess Martha ;-) hehe. So, you would have to click on the chicky named Karri...that would be me, lol. Any donation would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small. Please make sure you leave me a little message and your email address so I can thank you personally.

Thankyou so much, all of us from Nicoles Moles thank you already!

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