Monday, June 14, 2010

Anna Maria Horner Flannels...Part 2

Martha & I have bitten the bullet and cut into the gorgeous Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannels this weekend....finally. They are so yummy. We have cut them into 9" squares, layered them with some wadding, cross sewn them, and here they are ready to join together to make a large shaggy quilt. The quilt will be 7 squares by 9 squares, so will finish up a good size to snuggle up under on the lounge on a cold winters night.

More photos to come once they are sewn together and waiting for the bind.


Cardygirl said...

They should make a great shaggy!

Thimbelina said...

Oooh.... can't wait to see this one all together!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Yum Yum... You girls have enticed me to get my flannels out of the cupboard and whip up a shaggy on the weekend too. I'm snuggled under it now while I'm blogging. So warm and snuggly.