Monday, July 12, 2010

Learning to knit

So I have been inspired by all the bloggers on here who can knit. I mean how hard can it be?? Hmm, well. It is.
I mean, I have knitted before. I did knit a little jumper for my eldest son, who is about to turn 21 on the 20th....mind you, he never did get to wear it. I kept dropping stitches, getting cranky with it, couldn't read a pattern, taught myself how to cast on etc etc. It was pretty sad really. Well the thought was there. I had great intentions. This is why I stick to sewing, its soooo much easier.

My nan on the other hand was and is a fabulous knitter. She used to knit us jumpers as kids, bootees, cardigans, bonnets, leggins and dresses for all my kids when they were babies. She even did bikinis for my three sisters and myself when we were kids! They were amazing. I'll see if I can find a photo.

Anyway, back to my point.

I just moved my nan, who is 90, from Perth, to my little town, Narromine NSW as she needs to be in a nursing home, and she is teaching me how to knit. Its quite frustrating for her, as she is such a natural, even at 90, with failing eyesight (without her glasses) and me being all thumbs. Its quite funny actually. Well, I went to Spotlight, bought some big needles, mainly so I would get somewhere quickly with the knitting, some wool, and a pattern book. Nan suggested we buy a pattern for a mens beany as my husband is bald at the moment (from radiation) and as its winter, his little head might be cold.

This pattern book jumped out at me.....have no idea why, hahaha, might have something to do with the spunky man on the front. Even Nan thought he was quite alright!! So apparently you don't lose your appeal for "eyecandy" when you hit 90!!

On the front you can see my one hour achievement of knitting...well, you cannot see my loose stitches and uneven tension ;-) There was a method in my madness in choosing navy blue wool for my first attempt at knitting after 21 years!!
Oh, and by the way, I am not attempting to make a beany, nan is. I am making a scarf for Maddilen to take to school, as Robert doesn't do scarves apparently. Nice and simple. She won't mind if I drop a stitch or two or six ;-)

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sandra said...

I would love to be able to knit too.I just keep buying the yarn and needles and sticking them in a box! I also remember having a knitted bikini, mine was purple with white crochet trim woo hoo!