Friday, July 9, 2010

Quilt-a-long Part 1 & 2

Martha & I have joined Crazy Mom Quilts in a quilt-a-long which sounded like a lot of fun, a weekly get together for us, and some stitching time to boot. Why not??

Week 1 instructions arrived on her blog, and didn't sound quite right. (Not that we doubted the talents of the clever Crazy Momma!!) but we were a little scared to cut into our yardage of white fabric lengthwise in 2.5"x 60" strips, when we were sewing them to jelly roll strips that measured 2.5" x 44".....sounded a little scary to us. So we decided to wait till week 2 instructions were posted, just to make sure. We couldn't waste 5 metres of white fabric!!

Week 2 came along, the teapot was made, rockyroad was cut, computer on....and suddenly all made sense. Amazing what re-reading the instructions does. How on earth could we doubt the amazing Crazy Momma?? (We didnt really...we were just scared)

So then we were ready, and completed week one's block. Here is Marthas. She is making hers out of the Hushabye range.
And here is mine which is made with the Swanky range by Chez Moi.
The next step on the quilt-a-long was to stitch 31 jelly roll strips with 31 strips of white and the cut them all into 2.5" pieces as per the picture was VERY painful, and my hand was aching by the end. I was up till 4am, I just couldn't stop. I think there are 490 of them!! Yes 490 little pieces.....I was asking myself when I read this, are we mad? Is it too late to pull out?? But I soldiered on. Well here they are...
Then the next step, (because at 4am after cutting 490 little pieces I was delerious and silly, I needed to see what the next step was going to look like!!) I just had to go one step further!
So next I had to add four little pieces to the top and four to the bottom, and stitch them together. Too easy. By this stage of the morning, I was pretty happy to be putting the rotary cutter to bed and sit at the machine. I did control myself and stop at this point. So now I am not too far behind, will do more this afternoon, unless I decide to have a nanna nap.


Thimbelina said...

Can't wait to see this one finished... I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

Janellybelly said...

Wow, 490 squares! I am looking forward to seeing the works in progress & the finished quilts - go girls :)
Janelle xx