Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miley Cyrus Concert

My girls love Miley Cyrus. So when it was announced she was coming to Australia my youngest daughter Maddi went crazy. So crazy in fact that she stalked the ticketek website until the tickets went on sale. Unfortunately for me, when they did go on sale, I was in another time zone to Maddilen. But Maddi didn't care, she phoned me at 3am USA time and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Mum, Miley Cyrus tickets go on sale at 9am tomorrow, we have to get them!!! Pleeeeeaaase!!!!"
So there I was at, I don't even know what time, logging onto ticketek in New York buying Miley Cyrus tickets for the girls....I only know one or two of her songs, this is gonna be a fun concert for me.

So here we are at the long awaited Miley Cyrus concert. How excited do they look??

There were so many little kids at the concert, and Miley was by no means looking like Hannah Montana in those suspenders for all those 6 year olds.....

Grace & Maddilen had the best time at the concert, they sang & danced to every song and said "they had the best time of their lives" quote. That made me smile.


Creative disorganization said...

You go cool, the way you got the tickets...I can see GK doing that.
Hubby read your USA jounal and enjoyed.
Cheers Nic

Jellywares said...

What an awesome Mum you are!!!

You're girls sure do look excited and I bet it was an experience they never forget..

Jodie :)

Anonymous said...

Concerts are great at ALL ages aren't they.... Glad they had a ball.