Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter weekend sewing

Being such a long weekend this weekend, it is the perfect opportunity to get some sewing done. I have had these cushion inserts in the cupboard for months....5 of them to be exact, just waiting for covers.
I couldn't decide what design to do, so My first one was just a 14" square edged with 3" borders in small tangerine dots. Hmm....something just didn't quite grab me. I am not in love with it. So, next cushion is different.....

Like I said, I wasn't happy with the first cushion, I think it was the small dots, so I pulled out my Amy Butler dots. The big ones, and changed the square to a large circle using a dinner plate as a template. Love it. It's perfect. I did raw edge applique but I think I'll do a few more circles on the machine inside and quilt it. I backed the cushion cover with wadding, so it will puff up once I do that. 

Now the back of the cushions....both of the cushions have self covered buttons and matching backs. The backs I do like.

I think the first cushion may be going to the scrap heap, I just do not like it. I love the circle cushion with the big tangerine dots....looks like I need to make four more :-)

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice to see you have been doing some the second cushion, the first one is not too bad, could you add a raw edge applique circle to the first one, smaller and a bit off centre???..the backs look fantastic...