Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Louisiana State 9 USA (4/4/11)

Heading out of Texas, we crossed the State line into our 9th US State and into the lovely Louisiana. 
Oh how I have wanted to get here! Here is our famous State line photo. Now before this photo, you drive over a five mile bridge from Texas. But if you remember, when we arrived in Texas, we flew into Texas, so we missed getting a photo of the "Texas" sign. So when we got to the other side of the five mile long bridge, I made Robert drive back to get a photo of the "Texas" photo. Of course this meant we had to drive, 5miles back to get the "Texas" sign photo, then another five miles back past this sign again....he was happy. Not. But hey, I had to get the photo.

Now, all Robby wanted to do while down in Louisiana...(say it with the Southern twang) was go on a "Swamp People" tour. Great. I was going to get eaten by gators. I managed to survive the horrific plane ride over the Grand Canyon, now I was gonna get eaten by gators. Gee....what next???

After, we were driving through back roads of some town to get to a tour, of streets that looked liked scenes from the movie Deliverance. I swore I wasn't ever going to make it out alive. We actually took a wrong turn, realised we were actually driving on the wrong side of the road for the USA, (which could have been a real disaster if we had met another car on the road) and missed our air boat tour. Oh what a shame....we missed it. ;-)
Then a man comes along, a good samaritan, offering a tour for $50 as he sees that we have just missed our boat. Me being paranoid, thinking he is going to kidnap us and tie us up and feed us to the gators instead...declines. Robert, jumps up with the $50 and pays. I freak. Robert is as excited as a kid in a lolly shop. I am sweating like a pig in you know what.

Then I realise we are not the only dopey people on the tour....there are about 7 other people going on the boat...phew. We are not gator food today...hopefully.

I am right up the front, on the edge of the air boat. Just like on the tv show, Swamp People. Yes, these people talk just like the tv show. We went were the tv show goes. It was cool. But scary. All that went thru my mind was, "Will I live through this??" Now as I was right up the front and on the edge, the boat had no sides. I said to the guide, "so these gators, don't jump up on the boat like crocs in Australia??"
"Oh no, they're docile" he said.....I had my doubts. They jump up on docks and land....why not boats to eat Aussies???

The scenery was beautiful and peaceful...our boat just flew over those green bits. It was scary.

 This is the five mile bridge we drove over...see how long it is. We drove over it three times :)))

See the gator? He was close to our boat, it was scary, but she just sat there. Apparently in the same area each day. Used to tourists apparently. yeah right. Then she would just disappear under the water....

Here is another one....

This one was bigger and we got the boat quite close to this one and he kept going under the water and popping up again somewhere else. freaky. I kept my feet up and moved closer to Robert.

He was keeping his eyes on us...and I on him. I wasn't so happy to be sitting on the edge of the boat at this point.

 Glad to be off the boat and back on dry land....Robert wanted to go again!

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