Sunday, April 8, 2012

Toadstools & Chickens

This week was Easter week & we had family visiting so I thought I best spruce up the dinner table with a new arrangement....and I purchased these gorgeous red toadstools from a Paper Pear in Wagga Wagga recently but needed them arranged in a pot. I took them down to my local florist so she could whip up some magic and look what a wonderful job she did with them. 
They are ceramic, and as I am a sucker for red and white spots....they suit me perfectly!!

Martha on the other hand had an Easter hat to make, so with the help of my Maddilen and her Claudia, who drew the pattern for the chicken, she whipped up this hat for Jack. What you can't see in this photo is the chicken legs that hang down either side of the hat and are made from brown felt.

Maybe if I took the photo before pouring the wine you may have seen the legs ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Love the toadstools and the chicken is too cute... if only we could see it's legs :) (So far behind with my blogging) Catching up tonight.