Monday, December 5, 2011

Sewing machine mat

My sewing machine mat, cutting mat bag and sewing box all match nicely, but are all a bit dated, well not dated, but I'm sick of them. I made them quite a few years ago from Mistletoe Manor. I still love them, but I think I need some new bright ones. Do you agree? 

This bag holds my rulers, mat, cutter & just about anything else you need to carry with you. It's nobodies real design, it was made up along the way with some help from a lady in Warren.

Below is my sewing machine mat which I copied from Peg & Dale & whipped up at Ridgecrest quite a few years ago out of scraps. The sewing box I saw online at Fat Quarter Shop & well, it matched everything else, so I just had to have it......

Now to show you my new mat.....give me five minutes, I have been busy today!!!

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