Monday, October 13, 2008

Another little skirt

I have been busy today and have cut out quite a few little skirts for Maddilen and for my two nieces. I think I went a little mad when I was buying fabric for a few skirts & PJ pants, as I have oodles of fabric still waiting to be used. Maddi will have a different skirt for every day of the month judging by the pile fabric on my sewing table!!

Anyway, I made this one this afternoon for my 1 year old niece Luella, but it's not really a favourite of mine. I wished I had used three different fabrics instead of using one fabric twice. Never mind, it will look cute on her anyway, and a lesson learnt.


Julie said...

Oh, another cutie!

Scottish Nanna said...

Well I think it looks lovely Its pretty.You are very clever.
Hugs Mary.

janetk said...

Well I think it is adorable. Do you use a pattern, or cut them out freehand?