Monday, February 1, 2010

Simple Womans Daybook Day 3

Monday 1st February, 2010

Outside my window....its a little overcast & windy. I dont like these days as its migraine weather, and I dont have time for a migraine.

I am thinking...I should be able to sew a Journal Cover with ease, but why couldnt I today?? Two dodgy covers in one day, argh!!

I am thankful for....having a huge fabric stash so I can re-do a project when I stuff it up.

From the kitchen...I have made more choc chip cookies for the kids to take to school this week. If they last the week, I will be surprised!

I am pj's, am about to get dressed to go to cooking lessons tonight. First one. Yay!!

I am creating....some hideous journal covers - great fabric, just poorly made. (Cranky face)

I am start some hand stitching later tonight, I am ditching the sewing machine today!

I am reading...a book Martha gave me to read, its, cant remember. Will edit later :-) Ok, I am back with the name of the book. "As Darkness Falls" by Bronwyn Parry. It has me hooked, so nothing will get done till its finished!!

I am hoping...we are making something yummy tonight. I am hungry. Thought I might edit this cooking at cooking class tonight! cup of tea & bikkies at Marthas for tea.

I am hearing...Santana Sports News over and over again. Its so annoying how it keeps repeating the same news over and over and over. I must change channells....that means getting up to find the remote.

On my mind.....are those journal covers, I hate failing at a sewing project. I need Marthas help I think.

Around the fabric from my sewing day, cotton threads everywhere & washing that needed to be folded today.

Noticing that......time is ticking and I will be picked up in about 30 minutes, must get dressed!

Pondering these words......a Happy Birthday email from Keith Urban. (Well his fan club anyway)

One of my favourite things is.......sleeping. I am needing more tonight, I am soooo tired.

A few plans for rest of the week......hand stitching, appointments, going out for dinner, catching up with one of my sisters.

Here is a picture I am sharing.....

How hot is he??

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Chookyblue...... said...

hey I managed to stuff a journal cover too......god knows how.......baked lots of biscuits today too.......