Friday, January 29, 2010

A present for my godaughter

My niece Olivia (5yrs) had a conversation with her mother (my sister) the other day about godparents and gifts that her brother & sister have received from their godparents. She innocently asked who her godparents are, and was wondering if they were going to buy her a special gift. After hearing about this conversation, I immediately realised I have failed my godmother duties. I havent taken her to church & I havent bought her a "godmother" present since she was Baptised. With this in mind, I decided to make her a little dress & send in a parcel addressed to her. Olivia was so excited. She told me on the phone she was going to keep an eye out for the postman. On the day the parcel was set to arrive, my sister was feeding the baby & heard Olivia go out the front door. (early in the morning) On inspection, Olivia was standing next to the letterbox, half asleep, and told her mother she was waiting for her parcel. How cute is that? When Olivia called, she was so happy with her dress, she was wearing it around the house with her new joggers for school. (That I also sent her from her "godmother")

On another note....I have started a new quilt tonight and have completed 8 of 24 blocks. The quilt is a design by Janelle Wind. Its called Susies Sweet Shop, and I won the pattern from Janelles blog. Hopefully, I will have more completed tomorrow to show you.

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