Friday, June 25, 2010

Surly Seamstress Homework :-)

I have been away for the last week collecting my grand-mother from the other side of the country, and moving her here into our local Nursing Home. Its been a huge emotional week, somehow I think the fun has just begun....

On a lighter note, I just love blogs. I find it very relaxing at night to sit with my cup of tea & choccy and surf the blogs. Some nights I dont know how I get to some of the blogs, as I go from link to link to link. Anyway, about six months ago, I was blog hopping, and found this blog called the Surly Seamstress I left a comment, as I sometimes do, and I seemed to recognise the lady, couldnt quite put a name to the face, thought I must be mad, how on earth would I know this woman??? Impossible. Then a couple of days later, I had a reply to my comment, and alas, I realised I went to school with the author of the blog! What a small world??

Anyway, Sandra from the Surly Seamstress has nominated me to confess my sins, and in turn, I too must nominate some fellow bloggers to confess their sins. So here we go....

What would be in your perfect picnic basket? I looove picnics, with strawberries, lots of champagne, cheeses, crackers, chocolate, croissants, (lots of 'c' foods there!) and a cup of tea to finish :-)

What is the one place you want to visit that you haven't been to before? I really want to go to Paris. I want to go shopping, drink coffee, eat bread, climb the Eiffel Tower, go to the Museum of Fashion & drink REAL champagne.

What are your favourite/least favourite words? These can be connected to sewing or not. Hmmm, dont know if I have a favourite word, but the kids reakon I say, "its not rocket science" all the time. I definitly have a least favorite word, and its "dunno". I hate it.

If you had to spend 3 consecutive days on the same train, who would you want with you, and why? This would probably be easier to answer if I could tell you who I WOULDN'T want on the train, but I can't. Would have to have the girls, Martha & Kylie (cant choose one). The three days would go by soooo quick. Martha would do the cooking, Kylie would make the tea...and well, I would be the lady ;-)

What's your sewing threshold? As in, what will you let go, what must you absolutely fix? I have more UFO's, fabric & kits in my cupboard than I like to admit that I have. I find it very hard to throw away scraps bigger than 1"x1" ...hence the huge scrap basket in that same cupboard. I find it very easy to throw out selvedges though!! I cannot bear it when I stuff up a project, I cannot bear to throw it out, I save it in my scrap might come in handy one day. I think I have a problem or two.

What garment/accessory do you wear the most? I live in my gym clothes, probably because I am a Personal Trainer, and that my joggers are so comfortable. I do like to dress up, and when I am not at the gym, I love my jeans.
What wouldn't you be caught dead in? Joggers and jeans together. Either or is great, but together is illegal. Unless of course you are Jennifer Garner of course, she does joggers and jeans very well. I dont. It's very "westy"

It's been fun, but now it's my turn to nominate some fellow bloggers to confess their sins, so go check out their blogs,

Tracy at Thimblina

Have fun girls, looking forward to your answers.


Judith Tetley said...

So sorry to hear you had to move your Grandmother into a new situation. I hope she finds happiness there. I just popped in to find out how you were going with your Christmas Crafting? Do you have any finished gifts for June? If you do; let me know what your total is; if worries....maybe next month!
Kind Regards

sandra said...

Glad to see you are nice and prompt with submitting your 'homework'! I totally agree with you on the jeans and trainers thing, although I have to admit to wearing my black trainers with jeans occasionally. But white, never!