Friday, July 23, 2010

Baking for Stress Relief...somebody stop me!!!

I was bored and stressed this morning so decided to do some cooking....first I baked the kids favourite. Chocolate coconut slice, so quick and easy....this will last five minutes once they get home from school.I had my nan over for the morning, who loves Blueberry muffins, so I decided to whip up some Betty Crocker boxed muffins. Cheating I know, using a carton where you add an egg and some water, but hey, I did decide to add some frozen berries to the mix, which I popped in the blender first. Can never have too many berries. Nan loved them.
Next on the list was a banana cake to use up the bananas sitting on the bench. I had six bananas that were getting past the use-by date, and the recipe only required three, so I decided to make a cake and some muffins!

So twelve muffins with cream cheese icing and walnuts on top to finish my baking morning off. I have no idea who is going to eat all of these as Nan informs me she hates bananas....might have to take them to the bakery to sell off! My butt doesnt need me to be eating it all thats for sure!

Now Nan, pies for lunch from the Bakery, as I am sick of cooking......

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