Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on Anna

I am glad nobody is desperately waiting for me to finish my Anna Maria Horner flannel has been the slowest quilt to come together.

The pile has been sitting on the sewing table for what seems like months. I mean, it looks fantastic sitting there, all that gorgeous colour & warmth. It would, however look even better sitting across my lap while I blog, but, a girl just can't have everything. Here is this mornings progress. Not much I hear you say. But, in my defense, I hate the snipping of a flannel. So here is my method. I sew two rows, then I snip two rows, then I have a cup of tea and repeat the process. That way, my poor little hands don't get RSI, and I dont get too bored by the process.

So I best get back to it, as I have quite a few more rows to go.

Happy Birthday to Marthas little boy Harley, who turned three yesterday. I am sure he had a wonderful day!

edit: not sure I am liking that dark fabric in my flannel quilt now that I see it online...but oh how I hate unpicking.....

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