Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quilt-a-long Week 5 & 6

Ok so I have been sewing all day to catch up on this quilt-a-long. Martha went full steam ahead and was so far ahead of me, I had to to drop everything today to catch up. No housework, no tv, no computer, no answering the phone and no time for food. Just sewing. Ok, so I did have time for some home made caramel slice and coffee ;-)
This was a progress shot of week five, mind you, I should have ironed it better before taking the photo. But you get the idea. Then below is the photo of the quilt top after week 6 instructions. So that means I am offically up to date as of now. Well, except for the instructions that were posted last night.
But as the quilt seems to be going in quite a predictable fashion, I have been one step ahead, and went along and did week 7 also. So as I knew I would be away for a few days, and was on a roll, I kept on sewing these little pieces together, so now all I have to do is attach them to the piece above and voila, I am up to date again!! Yay! Such a great feeling isn't it??
Once its attached I'll post a progress shot. I will remember to give it a good iron first!! Oh, and I will also post Marthas, as she is up to this stage too.