Monday, July 19, 2010

Quilt-a-long Week 3 & 4

The quilt-a-long at Crazy Mom Quilts has been going a little slow for me, but I have finally moved along though weeks three and four. Martha was a little sneaky and flew through to week 6 without telling me, and also without taking any progress shots! How rude!! So I wont be showing any photo's of her quilt until I have caught up.
Here is a progess shot of my quilt at the end of the week four stage. Never mind that today is actually the end of week 6. Ooops. But...I have however, caught up today, and am ready to start on week 7 as soon as the instructions are posted.

I will show the rest of the progress shots tomorrow.

(Dont tell Martha, but I have actually already started week 7, I have guessed what week 7 instructions are going to be, and have done it already. I'll teach her for sneaking ahead of me!! Lets just hope I haven't guessed the instructions wrong...or I'll be the one unpicking for all of week 7!!)


Marthab said...

sew sew as fast as you can, you cant catch me, I am supa martha.

Princess Martha said...

Haha you worked out how to comment! Very impressed!