Monday, July 19, 2010

Thankyou Retromummy!!

I have been learning to knit to a scarf, which will end up being for winter 2011 or 12, and was hoping to learn to crochet too. Hmmm....too hard.

Then I got the idea to email the talented Retromummy and ask her very sweetly, in my sweetest typing :-D if she would crochet my girls a hat each. I just knew that she would have them done in no time at all. If the girls had to wait for me to learn how to start to crochet, then how to read a pattern etc, they would never get one.

And look! Voila! Two gorgeous hats thats are being sent out today, the girls are excited, and I am excited as I might just borrow one too :-)

The best thing about Retromummies crocheted hats is that, if you can read a crochet pattern, she has given the pattern away for FREE on her blog. But, there is a rule. You are to use the pattern for private use only, no selling of the products made. So, you can make crochet hats for all your friends and family for gifts. Yay for us!! (Not for me, cause I can't crochet, lol)
So, get crochet-ing

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