Friday, August 13, 2010

Photos on Fabric

I have been sick with the flu for a week, this is my first day where I have felt half human. I am hoping to get to my sewing machine today. No promises though. I am full of Codral Cold & Flu tablets still, and freshly showered, still in my pj's, and heading to the sewing table.

How does the tv advert go, "soldier on with Codrol, soldier on" hmm, I'm not feeling it, the lounge is looking much better, but I will try. All these days at home seem like such a waste, all the sewing I could have done instead of sleeping and sniffling.

A friend of mine has asked if I know anybody or anywhere than prints photos onto fabric. I know we can do it ourselves, but she would like someone to do it for her. Does anyone have any idea where she could get it done here in Australia??

Hopefully I will have something exciting to blog about later today.

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Thimbelina said...

Hey Princess.... I have no idea about getting photos printed on fabric but I would like to know how you got your little flikr group slideshow in your top right hand corner? :)