Thursday, October 21, 2010

A few hours in the garden.

Well if I'm going to be in the garden, I need to look the part!

I got these quite a few weeks ago at the local nursery. I had been eyeing (spell check??) them off for a while, but just couldn't justify paying $95 for bits of rubber that you wear in the garden! Can you tell I am not a gardener??

Anyway, while surfing Facebook, my second hobby apart from sewing, I noticed that same Nursery had them reduced to $49. Well, that, I could come at. There is alot of rubber in them after all, and they are Laura Ashley ;-)

Now I must clarify why I, someone who is not a keen gardener, has headed out to the yard. Below is a plant, please do not ask me what it is as I have no idea, but I do believe it is drought resistant, that a couple of our friends gave me when my Nan passed away recently as a memory plant.

I had to go to the Nursery to buy a pot for the mystery plant above, so got creative and bought some Pansies (as the tag said) and planted around the other plants we have around the pool. (No idea what they are either, but they too are hardy) Notice how the pots match, phew, I like things to be all matchy.
Down here you will notice the original reason for heading out today. Yes it was Nan. When Nan was still with us, she would always talk about the after life. Now, this is a touchy subject with some, but Nan truly believed in the afterlife, as I do. Over the last few months she would always said to me, "Karri, when I die, plant a yellow rose, and everytime it blooms, it will be me saying hello, and letting you know I am there."
So my cousin and I decided to buy one each, and put them by the pool, with a little memory plaque. (We put them by the pool as Nan was chosen to swim in the Olympic team many many years ago and sadly couldn't go. But she loved the pool.)

So that was my few hours in the garden for the I just have to remember to water them!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Totally agree with what you are saying....your Nan would be so very proud...and its looking good around your pool..

Creative disorganization said...

That is just delightful...And yes, I believe she will be always saying hello,even when the rose is resting...and you go girl--- Laura Ashley is must. 23 years age when I worked in Sydney City...I would sit outside the store Dribbling, wishing, dreaming & well that was as far as it
Cheers Nic