Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Each Monday evening during the school term Martha and I, with a couple of our other girlfriends, Kylie & Chris, attend cooking classes at the local Highschool. It's like a step back in time for Kylie & I, as the teacher, Sue, taught us in High School when we were naughty teenagers. Not that we were ever really "naughty" as such, but we did do alot of talking and giggling in class. Hmm, I don't think that has changed, now all that has changed is what we drink with our meals at cooking class!!
A few weeks ago we cooked this!! How yummy was it?? Well I will tell was DIVINE. Well, we partnered up and had half a cake each. Well, I cut mine up in pieces and had a piece each morning at morning tea with a cup of tea.

I will also tell you, this Tiramisu is not at all healthy. I put on a whole kilo that week. Lucky we don't cook food like that every week!

Kylie, however is not a coffee lover, so she did not eat hers, and gave it away to her co-workers! How rude, I would have happily gained another kilo eating her half too!!

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