Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remember this???

As lovely as all this flannel fabric looked, sewn in strips, hanging over a spare dining room chair. I did think it was about time I did some sewing, and finished a quilt. It was probably about time I did a blog post too, so with life settled down a bit and a free afternoon, I set about sewing these strips together.Luckily, I already had the strips numbered, as you can see in the above picture, so the hardest job was already done luckily. I dread placing blocks, as I always seem to get it wrong. thought I might just double check....just to be safe. I love the bright colours of these Anna Maria Horner flannels all laid out on the table. Now to sew them all together.

All done! I love the shaggy flannel quilts, all I have to do now is stitch the bind on and wash it to get the full effect of the shag. I wonder how many weeks it will take me to do that???? Jokes :-)


Thimbelina said...

Lovely Karri.... I really have to make one of these! I've had two bundles of bliss flannels waiting patiently in the cupboard for ages.

Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family are safe and no water damage,love your blog.
cheers Shez