Sunday, February 13, 2011

What is sewing??

I think I have forgotten what sewing is. I haven't touched my sewing machine in who knows how long, other than to dust it. I haven't had time, I haven't been in the mood, I haven't been inspired, haven't had that urge. But I want it back!!

This must change. Why? I will tell you.

I have two daughters, Grace 16 and in Yr11 this year, and Maddilen, 12 and in Yr 7. Both girls have never done sewing at school before, and have both chosen Textiles as an elective! I was so excited and proud. I get to share my love of fabric and sewing with my girls. How exciting!

Now Maddilen has sewn with me before, and has a natural talent. Grace on the other hand, has never shown ANY interest, no matter how much I have tried to encourage her. So where it came from that she chose to take Textiles for a Yr 11 elective, I have no idea, but I'll run with it.

So, first day of term, both girls come home with Textile Assesments! What??? Already? Maddilen in Year 7 is making the basic pyjama pants in class - too easy.

Grace on the other hand, who can't even thread a sewing machine, sew a straight line, or even knows what fabric is, has to design a garment, make it, test different fabrics, do a portfolio including washing instructions etc, and all within the term. Did I also tell you that I leave for overseas in four weeks and she will have to do it herself???? So, I suggested she call on Martha......just up her alley ;-)

And this her first assessment for the HSC.....they are only going to get harder. Is it too late to drop this subject??? hahaha

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sandra said...

Oh wow that is exciting! Who gets first dibs on the sewing machine now?!