Sunday, June 5, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada (State 2)

Our next stop was Las Vegas, and the lovely Luxor. I have been an Egyptian lover forever, so there was no choice where we were staying when it came to Las Vegas. Mind you, if I ever went back there, I don't think I would stay there again. Or I wouldn't stay in the pyramid anyway. You see, that big pyramid has one elevator for the first 20 floors, and another for the top half. So if you are staying on the third floor, and your room is on the opposite corner to the elevator, you have one mighty walk everytime you go anywhere. Yep, you have to walk all the way around two sides. Not too far if you are staying on the top floors where the sides are shorter, but we were on the fourth floor, and yes, we were exactly on the opposite corner of the lift. Great exercise anyway. But the rooms were nice, and the bed was huge.

Here I am posing inside the Luxor in the lobby after one of our shows. While in Las Vegas we saw Whoopi Goldberg who was amazingly funny. The next night we went and saw Chris Angel the illusionist, who I wasn't too excited about, but we had front row seats, right in the middle, and he was a bit of eye candy I must say. And let me tell you, I was amazed at what he did. I am now a fan of this man. He sure did impress me, and it wasn't just his tight jeans, and impressive arms & wicked smile. He is quite talented, and unless he has a twin brother, he is super human.
I highly recommend going to see his show if you get the chance.
We also had free tickets to the Bodies exhibition, which I have always wanted to go to (the personal trainer coming out in me). It was brilliant, and so informative. I loved it, all those muscles, so detailed, you could see everything, and all real!! I would go again in a second.

Las Vegas is quite awe inspiring, everything is so big. I did love it on the first day. It amazed me, I had never seen anything like it. We walked from the Luxor all the way up the other end of the strip checking out all the other Casinos, and had dinner along the way, and then back again. We were exhausted. It was about 4 miles each way apparently!! It took us all day. Then we did it again the next day! The only thing I hated about Las Vegas was the people on the street trying to sell the "ladies of the night" and flicking those damn tickets in our faces. We could hardly move as they were pushing into us. They got very painful, and ruined it. I was happy to go on our day tour to the Grand Canyon...until we missed the bus, went to the wrong spot! Oops. Lucky enough they had a spot on the next tour in one hour, phew. I didn't want to waste all that money!!

So then we finally got to the South rim of the Grand Canyon after a scary plane ride, a little bus ride, and a hike. We went onto the Skywalk wearing our special slippers so we didn't scratch the glass of the skywalk, had our photo's and here we are posing some more. But, we weren't keen to get back on that plane.....

And here is that plane......

....not very big is it? It rattled and had gaps between the windows and the glass. Robert & I were in the back row. It held 12 people. We sat in the back row, and all I could think of was that I wasn't going to live to finish my 6 week holiday and get back to see my four children, and what would they all do without their parents???

Luckily, we survived to tell the tale.
See you tomorrow in Arizona.

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