Saturday, June 4, 2011

Madam Tussauds, Hollywood

Well the next day in Hollywood we visited Madam Tussauds, went on a Movie Star home tour, saw Larry King, went to Universal Studios and had dinner at the Hard Rock cafe. It was a huge day. The wax museum was funny, we were a bit silly in there, posed with all the stars, which I won't bore you with, but I will show you a few of my favourites. My first one is Nicole Kidman. I was disappointed Mr Keith Urban wasn't there, I may not have left the museum if he was, or may have tried to steal him, so perhaps I am lucky he wasn't! They are so life-like. It's amazing.

We were allowed to touch them anywhere except on their faces, they told us how they were made, and that they made their heads 20% larger than life size.....I just can't quite remember why. I'll ask Robert in the morning, & get back to you on that. But the heads didn't look out of proportion at all as a result.

Here I am sitting with Jack Nicholson, who you may think is a strange favourite for me. But it's more of a funny story than a favourite. See how I am wearing some dark glasses? Well some of the models have photo props for you to use to enhance your photo's. These are an example. Well, they were sitting on my seat when I went to sit down, and as I lent over to pick them up, the cigar in his hand snapped off and fell onto the floor! I crapped myself, I thought the attendants would come running as I broke Jack Nicholson, I thought I would have been on "candid camera" or something. I quickly picked it up and positioned it his hand. While all this was happening, Robert is laughing, saying quite loudly, "oh no, you broke it, you are gonna be busted, quick run!!" He thought it was a big joke. I did not, I was just about to poop my pants, lol. Yes, Robert, big joke!

Then another of my favourite was Forrest Gump. Now, I show you this for two reasons. One because you can see my shoes, they are Tula Pink lo-tops, and two because we went to a couple of historic Forrest Gump landmarks in Arizona & Washington DC further in our trip. Which we will refer to later. But how cute is Forrest???

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