Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lost Springs, Wyoming......

Wyoming was not the best State to drive through. It was pretty boring most of the time in between towns. The towns were great, but in between, nothing to look at except these things in the paddocks. (below) It was really really windy, like extremely windy. Blow you over when you walk windy. I couldn't believe how windy, haha.
Anyway, I apologise to anybody who is from Wyoming, but hey, hours and hours of looking at these, was hard to take, just quietly. Anyone out there know what they are?? Robert and I passed the time by guessing. I might add, that after six or so hours, our guesses were getting silly. (I may tell you the less silly ones)

Now, these things were only on the left hand side of the road, or should I say, in the paddocks on the left side of the road, when we were driving North on the Interstate. Weird. So what about the paddocks on the right? Don't they need wind stoppers, or grass stoppers, or snow drift stoppers...or whatever they are?? They can't be cattle fences as they have gaps. They can be moved. Some paddocks only have them for say ten metres along then have a gap for three metres then they start again. Weird. They kept us amused for hours, so maybe they're tourist amusers for long I counted them. Joking of course ;-)

Then we came across this sign...surely this is not for real???

But sure enough, there was one house. I did take a photo of the one house in the town of Lost Springs. I felt sorry for the poor person who lived there all on their lonesome and wondered if we should call in to visit? Probably didn't have milk for a cuppa as Lost Springs didn't have a shop & the nearest town was miles away, so I decided to wait for Starbucks...... I wonder if they bought the sign themselves?

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Nancy said...

we are guessing they are snow fences..they would be put on the side where the prevailing winds would also come the snow wouldn't drift onto the road...

but...again...that's just a guess..

and my hubby would LOVE to live in that one house in that town...he hates