Friday, June 17, 2011

Cheyenne, Wyoming. State 6

Here is Robert at the Wyoming/Colorado State line. We stopped at every state line & took a photo at every state-line sign we could. Now, some we missed and had to turn around and re-cross the lines to come back past the sign, as I was too slow with the camera, or just forgot to get it out, or was asleep....or a truck was in the lane, so we had lots of giggles. Especially when we crossed the State line from Texas to Louisiana & I missed it. The bridge was so long, and to turn around was the longest drive back, it was about 5miles one way and another back, just to get the photo....not thinking Robbie was too happy.

Cheyenne was a groovy town with these funky boots everywhere. They are about 8ft high and have been painted by local artists to show Cheyenne and Wyomings history. They are located all over the city and you can go on a scavenger hunt to locate them all. We declined to induldge in that as we were too cold and hungry, but we did take photos of a few of our favourites located in the town centre courtyard.

More boots...they were everywhere.

A patchwork boot!! How cute?? Fancy me finding one of those without even looking too had a quilt on it, and a few different blocks. Hmmm, but do you also notice the lovely pile of snow at the bottom of the huge boot?? That shows you just how cold I was. Even though I was wearing my snow coat & trusty beany :-)

Now this horse was made of bits of metal, and was pretty cool. But this photo looks like Robert has his head where it probably shouldn't be.....

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