Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monument Valley State 3 & 4

Monument Valley is on the border of Utah & Arizona. Parts of it are in both states, so you never quite know which state you are in if you are not a local.
Robert has wanted to go here for years. You know, ever since seeing it in movies, the old westerns, Thelma & Louise....unfortunately when we arrived at the motel, it was dark, so we couldn't do the whole "drive through Monument Valley" thing, that we wanted to that day....but there was always tomorrow!
Now the Motel has only been there for 12 months, its called "The View Motel" for obvious reasons, every room overlooks the buttes in the valley, and let me tell you, waking up with the view is spectacular, and my photos don't do it justice.
This was 6am on our balcony, and all the balconies were a hive of activity. You could see people already out on tours with their Navijo tour guides. We chose to sleep in till 6am.....I was up till I don't know when uploading photo's to facebook for all our family at home to see :-)
The internet connection at The View Motel needs a little attention....you can only get it in the lobby. But the lobby is huge, has a lovely wood fire, lots of comfy sofas, Indian Decorations, and really gets you into the feel of beeing in whatever state we were actually in, Utah or Arizona. Some of the paperwork said Utah, some said Arizona...seems the locals don't even know!!

Those buttes are called mittens....see how they look like a pair of mittens?? Cool hey?
Okay, so I got draggged out of bed, was freezing cold, tired, & looking stunning. Now this photo was taken alittle after the last, but somehow Robert can get light in his photos, and I can't. Lol. And doesn't he rub it in, that he is a better photograher than me!!

So after We got organised and found our Navajo Indian tour guide off we wwnt on our private two hour tour through Monument Valley. Wow! It was amazing. I just loved it. I would go back here in a second. So peaceful and natural.
Now I am here sitting up on this rock, let me just tell, you I had to crawl to this position. It is a skinny rock on a cliff edge that has a massive drop on the front and behind. I might just add that I did not want to get up there at all, but Robert made me get up there as he said it makes a good photo. He wanted me to stand up as well. I just could not do the stand up thing. Robert and the guide were laughing their heads off at me, my hands and feet were sweating. It was terrible. The only reason I got this far was because, Robert, who is afraid of heights, just walked up there, and stood and posed for a photo before me!! So if he could do it, surely I could!! But no. This was it.
Getting off there was even funnier, but I won't go there.....

Now, after we left The View Motel, we started our journey through Monument Valley just like Thelma & Louise, (without the shooting, robberies and the ending obviously) and we searched out a scene from Forrest Gump. We knew it was around here somewhere, so we drove until we found it, looking back, sideways, left & right, until we found it. We thought it would be sign-posted....do you recognise it??
Of course we had to run it....

After we both had a run, got back in the car, drove just up the road 20 mtrs, there was a little sign, "Forrest Gump" Haha, hardly visible.

Heading through Colorado tomorrow.

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