Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fruita, Colorado State 5

Fruita is a small town in the middle of Colorado, and we stopped here for the night on our way to Rapid City, South Dakota. We arrived late and wandered across the street to this Mexican Restaurant for dinner.....we were very tired and in silly moods. I had to leave my beany on as my hair needed washing, so lucky nobody knew us, as we were looking stunning. I thought about leaving Fruita off my blog stories...but the Restaurant decor was pretty funny, so I decided to add it in anyway. Funny decor, bad attire, wierd decor, and non english speaking staff lead to an interesting evening.....Photo shots out the front, the look on Roberts face shows the silly mood he was in....check out that grin. It only gets worse!!
Then we go inside and the waiter points to our table as he doesn't speak English....this is gonna be a long night. Everything in the Restaurant is painted in fluro paint, and I get the giggles. So time for a self portrait photo, beany and all. Lucky there weren't too many people in there that night.

Then I decided to make Robert go sit in the opposite booth to pose for a instructed he pops over to the other side of the restaurant and poses. Just like a little puppy dog....this makes me giggle even more. I ask him to ask the waiter for a Mexican hat, just to make the photo look authentic, so he starts looking for a hat...well I just lose it. The poor waitress comes along and wonders what we are laughing so hard got quite embarrassing as I just couldn't stop. You know those uncontrollable giggles??
Can you see how bright the paint is?? It's glowing in the photo, I needed my sunglasses on it was so bright!

I told Robert he could come back to my booth, so he did just in time for his huge meal to arrive.
We didn't even know what we ordered as it was all in Mexican, but man it was tasty. And yes, the cokes just kept on coming, but what a relief it was to have never-ending diet coke with a spicy Mexican meal!!
Anyway we won't forget the little town of Fruita anytime soon....

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