Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upton, Wyoming

We were just about at the top of Wyoming and dead smack in the centre when we came across the tiny little town of Upton. Population 827 approx. The first little cafe we noticed had a wood carved moose standing out the front, and we immediately thought it had our names written all over it! This looked interesting, so we pulled right in. The restaurant/cafe was called Remy's & is on Highway 16. I had a feeling once I started giggling at the carved moose, I wasn't going to stop, and I was right. Check this out....

Once inside, everything contained a little bit of "moose-ware", and it felt like we stepped back in time. The decor was from the 70's. The staff were ever so friendly, and laughed at our accents while we laughed at theirs. I ordered a white coffee, and got a black coffee and a very large glass of milk!! Then came the laughing, again, what was with the glass of milk??

They even had a hand-made moose, a moose border, moose statues everywhere. It was so funny, but cosy at the same time.
In the photo below you can see a little bit of the seats, you know the nice orange vinyl from the 70's :-)
Then I went to the toilet.....I wish I took my camera! It was decked out in a completely different decor-dried flower arrangements and hand made dolls. It was very pretty and girly. I wanted to go back to take photo's but thought they might think I had a bowel problem, so refrained.

The thing that made me just lose the giggles was when our meals came out. They were super fast at preparing our food, and yummy it was. But check out the plates.....

Frypans!!! My meal is Nachos if you were wondering, I know, the orange stuff on top is what Americans call cheese. It's not yellow like ours, it's orange. By the time we got back to Australia, I was kinda getting used to it's taste.....now I'm loving our yellow cheesy taste again. But frypans....how funny??

We did enjoy our meal at Remy's, it was yummy, fast, cheap as chips, and the staff were really friendly to chat to. So if you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere, stop by that woodern moose, and eat out of a frypan :-) It was memorable.


Nancy said...

oh...my... that's just crazy..frypans?

Now what is "white coffee"?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Now that's what you call "country cooking" what's the go with ORANGE cheese? What do they make it out of? Yellow Milk?