Thursday, June 2, 2011

USA Trip 2011 LA Part 1 State 1

So do you remember way back when I told you I was going to America for 6 weeks? Well, I've been, I've gone to 17 States if I've counted correctly (and my next few dozen blog posts will see if I'm right!!) But here is the start of our holiday. I visited a few quit shops along the way, and have lots to show you. Don't worry, I will cull the 2000 odd photos down to just a few good ones.

Here we are after 13hrs on the plane, non stop, arriving in LA, all excited. Its 9am LA time, about to collect our car and head out on the right side of the road, which is technically the wrong side of the road for us. Scared, but excited at the same time. Robert is driving, and I am navigating.... with the help of Hertz Neverlost, how hard can this be??? Right?? Haha. That we will see.
So, we managed to make it all the way from LAX to the Disneyland in one piece in the pouring rain. Now the main challenge on the freeway was to not only stay on the right side of the road, but in the middle of the lane. Us Aussies tend to veer over to the right side of the lane. This tends to be a tad dangerous on a five lane freeway full of trucks & cars that have one But, we made it.
Of course, we had to have the photo out the front of the Disneyland House with the MickeyMuse know, "typical tourist" shot. Did I mention it was raining and we were only at Disneyland to get the kids Minnie Mouse dolls and to say we had been to Disneyland. I think we were there for 2hours......

Here is Mickey Mouse, there is just something about big old Mickey Mouse, I just love him! The line up to have a photo with Mickey was so long, and as it was raining, I wasn't waiting. I let all the little kids have him....but I did manage to grab a shot in between kids.

So after we were "over" the rain and wet feet at Disneyland we checked into our motel at Beverly Hills, put on some dry clothes and headed to Santa Monica Pier where it was dry and semi warm. Well, it was dry, not warm at all, it was windy and cold, but it was dry at least. There were some teeny boppers from Texas swimming in bikinis, because apparently, quote "you do that when you are from Texas" Interesting girls they were.

At the pier we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory store and so began the shopping.....but I won't even begin to tell you about that now. The pier was gorgeous, and that is probably why we returned here on our last days in the USA, but back to that later. The pier has lots of shops & restaurants, game shops, rides & novelty things for kids. And a beach to boot. Beautiful.
We also went a little further and went shopping at 3rd Street Promenade which is a little like the Pitt St Mall in Sydney, but heaps better and heaps bigger. This one goes for about three or four blocks. We had dinner a lovely little Mexican restaurant here.

Funny story;
At the Mexican restaurant, we both ordered Diet coke. Robert was about 2/3 through his and so was I when the waiter came and took Roberts drink while I was sipping mine. We were both shocked, and saying, " What, you weren't even finished it, what a rip off!" Then he brought another coke. I said to Robert, "I'm hanging onto mine till it's all gone" Then, when mine was all gone, I put it down, and the waiter automatically brought me another diet coke without me ordering it. I said, "What if I didn't want another?"
It took us a couple of meals to realise that in the USA, you get free refills on soft drinks. So as soon as you are 3/4 through your drink they bring you a refill, that way you tip them more at the end of your meal. If you are left thirsty, you may not tip as much. Crazy. My kids would love it. Drinks cost us a fortune at restaurants here.

Anyway, I hope I haven't bored you too much.

See you soon,

NB.No joggers & jeans were worn in this post...they are Tula Pink lo-top pro keds. You never know who you might run into, in the States!


Nancy said...

OMG....I can just see you eating with one hand and hanging on to that Diet Coke with the

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great kids would have loved that place as well...LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great start to the trip. Look forward to ready more while I relax here on my bed :)