Friday, June 3, 2011


Not long before we left for the States my Grandfather had a fall at the nursing home and broke his hip, had surgery in the nearest town and had been transferred back to our little town to recover. He was a cheeky brat, giving the nurses at the local hospital all the cheek he could muster, but he just wasn't himself after the fall. While we were away the family didn't tell us too much about Grandad except that he wasn't too well, wasn't getting out of bed still, not a good sign I knew, as my Nan (not his wife) had done the same thing the year before. So I knew he should be running around the hospital by now, it had been four months! Nan was chasing me round the Nursing home after four months yelling at me, so I knew the news was not going to be too good when we returned.
I went saw Grandad after coming home, in between a migraine needle or two. He was terrible, worse than I thought. He was only whispering occaisionally. Not eating at all. This was bad. Very bad. The family from the coast had arrived. Crap. Grandads room was full, I said to mum, "well if he wasn't going to die tonight, he's going to think he is with all those people in there!!" When we left the hospital that night, I was last to leave, as I turned in the hallway, I looked back and waved to him, and he smiled and waved back to me. I will never forget that smile. He didn't die that night, but that was the last time I saw him conscious & he did pass away two nights later on the 25th May, 2011.

On a happier note, Grandad needed a wake to celebrate his wonderful long life. So after his beautiful funeral service, we celebrated his life at my place. Well of course I needed a new table runner for the dinner table!!

Lucky I had four half made table runners on the go, as I didn't have five minutes free time to make one from scratch. All this one needed was a bind sewn on, and there you go, a bright happy table runner made from a Verna honey bun. I'm sure Grandad would have appreciated it, lol.

Rest in peace Grandad, you will be missed by many. xx

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Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Sorry to hear this news... and like I've heard so many times, he waited for everyone to arrive before leaving :) Such a lovely memory for you too.