Friday, August 26, 2011

Martha & I head to Nundle

Martha & I headed off to a small country town near the city of Tamworth, called Nundle, on our annual sewing weekend. We met up with ten other ladies, four from Gunnedah, four from Narromine & two from Sydney. Martha & I couldn't go last year, so we were really looking forward to this years retreat, three nights away, and two full days of sewing.....absolute bliss.
Our first stop was the Nundle Woollen Mill, as Martha & I decided we wanted to learn to crotchet. Retromummy crotcheted me two beanies for my girls last winter, and then was good enough to post the pattern on her blog, so we had brought that pattern with us, and we were determined to go home with a beany just like Retromummies.
So, I bought some gorgeous wool for a beany for my Maddilen, a crotchet hook, and headed out to Cottage on the Hill and said hello to Kerry & checked out all her gorgeous fabrics before deciding what we were going to purchase there.....

Here is the beany half done, I could hardly wait to get home from the Nundle pub to do some more crotchet, with a cup of tea & chocolate.....but I think Martha & I had a few too many wines at the pub for much crotchet to get get done tonight. Those Gunnedah girls led us astray that night....just one more drink girls, just one more, hmmmm.

Here is the flower I crotcheted....I finally got it! I failed to show you the first flower I somehow ended up with seven petals....not quite sure how that happened, hahaha, when the pattern only has five! Peg did remind me though, that no flower in the garden is perfect, so not to worry :-) Anyway, I did finally learn how to read a crotchet pattern, talk about confusing. It might as well been in Chinese, sl st, ch 6 trb 20, I mean seriously, how can someone read this??
Anyway, Martha & I can now!! Woohoo.
Anyway, here is Maddilen modelling her new beany & very excited about it!

Thanks to Retromummy, who I had to email for help reading patterns on Friday night, thanks Corrie!!


Cardygirl said...

Beanies turned out great...great to pop in and see you girls too!

shez said...

the hat looks great,well done

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Well the girls would have loved that. You went away for a girls weekend and still came back with things for the girls. :) They do look great.