Saturday, September 24, 2011


Recently Martha & I travelled to Nundle near Tamworth for the weekend, (where we learnt to crotchet, in a previous post) and while I was there, I purchased enough fabrics to make a new quilt. Surprise! Surprise! Anyway, the fabric are Reproduction 1930's, the range Aunt Grace. Martha actually made a similar quilt while we were there. (Still waiting for her photo of that so I can show you)

I decided to do mine a little different to Martha, and did raw edge full circles on white squares. (I'll tell you what Martha did when I get the photo's)
First, I had to search the house for something perfectly round that was just the right size to fit on my already cut 5" white squares. So, I head straight to the tupperware cupboard. Bingo. I knew I would find something there! Mad a template from template plastic, and then made 80 lovely circles.....

While in Nundle I also bought a design sheet. Now, why, oh why, have I not purchased one of these before now??? I had to pin it to the curtain. The same curtain that WAS about to be disgarded as it is the only curtain in my house. But as its the only place I can hang this ingenious piece of fabric, that curtain aint going anywhere just yet!

Block allocation is 200% easier with a design sheet, I cannot believe it, and would not have believed anyone who said so. You just throw them up there, they stick, its easy to see when one is out of place. No sore back, no sore knees. It fabulous.

Usually, when I do a layout, it takes me hours to decide that I have too many reds on the left, or too many greens together etc. Not with this one. It went together in no time. Impressive.

All I have to do is the next few rows and then stitch it all together! Too easy. I think this quilt is one of the quickest I have put together...all thanks to that design sheet!



Can't wait to see this finish...looks fab so far.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

This looks fantastic. I have one of those sheets but home the problem of nowhere to hang it now. I love the quilt design. Great idea.