Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This chair and a couple of others that match sit under my pergola by the pool. They had white covers which didn't stay white for long, with kids, and the cat, who has long black fur, the white cushions were sending me slowly insane. Something had to be done. Along came Amy Butlers Home Decor fabric range called Love. 

Now, I have had the fabric since it came out. So quite a while. I took one of the covers off one of the cushions. Yes that was fun. Then I put it back on. That was even more fun. It didn't quite go back on as easy as it came off. With that a few more months went by, cursing the cat and his black fur. Then, I packed up my metres of "Love" fabric, my cushions, and headed off to see my friend Kat, who sews for a living. She sews everyday for money. Me however, does not. I sew because I "love" it. I knew if I sewed these cushions I would no longer "love" the "Love" fabric nor sewing. So, it was worth paying Kat to sew them for me.

And what a job she did. I am so in love with these cushions, I sit on them everyday. I swear, if I see my cat on them, it best run fast..... :-) 

I can, and will make the matching cushions to go on the chairs. I can cope with cushions. If you live locally and want Kats number, message me, or call into my bakery, her cards are there!

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Anonymous said...

Oh they do look lovely... watch out CAT !!! not KAT :)
Phew, I think I'm all caught up on your blog now xx
Now I'm off to the sewing room :)