Saturday, March 31, 2012

Revisiting USA...Spearfish, South Dakota State 7

Well, hello again!
I decided that seeing as this time last year I was in the States, I had better finish my blog story about our trip before I forget where we went and what we did.

I left off in June last year...yes, June last year was my last blog post about our trip, in State 6, Wyoming. Well we continued North through Wyoming on a journey towards Devils Tower which is from a movie...those of you who know my husband, know that he is a movie buff. What he doesn't know about movies, actors, directors and movie soundtracks isn't worth knowing, I'm telling you he would give Bill Collins a run for his money. So, the whole trip through Wyoming was to go searching for Devils Tower, which is from some movie, and yes, to buy the hat, the magnet, the shot glass and whatever else he could get to show off to his movie buff brothers who are just as knowlegable as he about everything to do with movies. Drives me nuts....anyway, it was like a scene from a movie, through the misty fog for miles we could see this mountain emerging, he was so excited "there it is!!"
Then we had to climb up as close as we could without "permits" for photo's. Once again, I will only show a minimal amount of photos of this mountain of dirt....

The hat....

As close as I would allow myself to get....

The road below....the final shot before leaving. See the empty carpark?? Obviously a popular tourist site!

Well Spearfish is in South Dakota, on the border of Wyoming, near the famous Sturgis, which if you are into Harley Davidsons, you will know Sturgis, (they have a big rally there) and it was basically a stopover town after our huge day at Devils Tower) But, it was sometimes in these little stopover towns that we found some interesting things.

Firstly, we had an awesome meal for dinner, ribs to die for. The Americans serve the biggest meals for the lowest price and served a huge basket of crackers and bread, Robert was in heaven.

But the best find was a little patchwork store, Dakota Quilt Company....I just needed to find the photo of me with my purchases. Yes, it was cold. This is now our 7th State of our trip.

We left Spearfish and headed to Rapid City....

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