Monday, April 2, 2012

Houston, Texas. USA State 8 (2/4/11)

Our next journey was a flight from Rapid City, South Dakota over many states to a short stop over in Dallas, Texas while we jumped on another plane for a short flight to Houston, Texas. Now, I have always wanted to go to Houston, for no real reason other than my maiden name is Houston, my sisters name is Sam Houston, my dad loved everything "American" & "Houston-ified" and the fact that dad has passed and he never did get to go to Houston, and he wanted to go ever-so-bad. 

We also, just happened to have tickets to see John Mellencamp in concert in Houston, so we were very excited. The only down side was, we hadn't booked any accomodation in Houston, just like everywhere else on our trip. (except for our first week of course) so as every other night we were just "winging it" 
We had had such good luck with motels so far, we couldn't see any point in booking ahead this time either.
When we caught the shuttle from the airport to the hire car depot, the driver told us there was a huge premier league basketball competition on in Houston that week so we would have no chance getting a room. Ooops, maybe our luck was going to change, we best get a nice car as we may be sleeping in it.

As it turned out, our handy little Hertz Nav man lead us to the closest motel, in I went and we got the last room for around USD$95 per night, expensive compared to what we had been paying but look at the room! It was huge, and hilarious!!! 

Everything is painted on, the pillars, the curtains....

....the pots, the flowers, the blue sky...not Roberts head though!!

And mirrors everywhere. Even a huge spa bath, all you can eat breakfast, unlimited internet, 100's of tv channels and a king bed All for USD$95 per night. We stayed for two nights :)

Oh, and it was clean, the bed was comfy as. You don't get motels like these in Australia for so cheap! Look at that blue sky!!

See you at the concert tomorrow :)

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