Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rapid City, South Dakota State 7

So we left Spearfish and drove a bit over an hour to Rapid City, all excited to see Mt Rushmore, only to discover there was another monument in Rapid City that no-one told us about. Crazy horse. Crazy Horse is going to be bigger than Mt Rushmore, and isn't finished as yet, is also in the Black Hills and has been going since 1951 by sculptor artist Korczak Ziolkowski, who has since passed away, so the monument is now being finished by the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, who hope to have it finished by 2020.

In the town centre of Rapid City, on every street corner they have statues of every past President of the USA, and you can get a map from any store and go on a treasure hunt to go and find them all. We declined the offer, but did take a photo of JFK below...

On our way to Mount Rushmore I spotted Thimble Cottage, hehe, will be back here this afternoon!!

 Mount Rushmore! This is absolutely massive....the photo's just don't show just how huge they are, and to think Crazy Horse is going to be bigger, just blows me away. Cannot wait to see Crazy Horse.
Do you know who each head is?? I'll tell you, cause I had no idea before I went cousin hadn't even heard of Mount Rushmore before I made here google it!! Shame on you!!!
From left to right, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt,  & Abraham Lincoln.

These four represent the first 130 years of the United States of America :)

Now if you look closely you can see that Roosevelt has lines under his eyes, these are his glasses. Quite clever hey?

Here is a shot of the Crazy Horse, now to put the size in perspective, one head of Mount Rushmore can fit in that hole apparently. Now to see what the final product will look like, there is another photo below showing the white sculpture of the Indian "Crazy Horse" with the finished measurements. Huge.

There is also a massive Indian museum there which is interesting if you are into Indians, which I am. See me in the teepee??

This is what Crazy Horse will look like when its finished, and in the back ground you can see the carving. They do tours up there. We couldn't go up this day, as they were blasting, but some days you can go right up the top.

On our back the store was still open...lucky me, poor Robby.

They have so many rooms in this store that they have Christmas rooms on display all year round....

After we checked into our motel for the night, I realised I had left my medication in the fridge at the last motel...yes the one in Spearfish. 6 weeks of medication that I couldn't get in USA, so we had to drive back to Spearfish before dinner. A quick call to the motel, and yes, they had kept it in the fridge for me, as it had my name all over it. Phew. Lucky we hadn't flown to another State, or I wouldn't be happy. 

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The Local Tourist said...

It looks like you had an amazing trip in South Dakota. Hope that you can make it back again sometime!