Thursday, April 5, 2012

A little bit of crochet

Last year in Nundle some lovely ladies taught Martha & I how to do some crochet. They were extremely patient ladies...especially with me. I seemed to have two left hands. I did however, end up with a beany and a flower in the end. Mind you, the flower was gigantic, but it resembled a flower. The ladies did point out, that flowers aren't perfect in nature, so mine fitted in perfectly with nature. Way too kind I say :)

Anyway, as summer came along, I gave up on the crochet. Now it's heading to the cooler weather. Well, it's meant to be, Maddilen decided she wanted a purple beany for winter. So out came the crochet hook. I had kinda forgotten how to do it, but after pulling it apart three or four times, some help from Martha, a quick email to RetroMummy, and another beany was created.

So, I got my confidence back....bought a book on crochet, and wondered just how hard these granny squares could be. Or how hard reading a pattern could actually be. Ha. That should be a capital HA!!

Well, I did manage to get something that kind of looks like a granny square.....

Now, I know you are wondering why there is a white blob in my granny square. Well, the wool is actually a variagated wool, but for some reason, the colour only changed in that one spot. You can kinda see a blue spot in there too, in little spots....kinda.

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pattas said...

Well done :)) Keep going don't stop now.. I look forward to your next crochet blog:))
Blessed Easter to you :))