Friday, April 6, 2012

Houmas House, Darrow, Louisiana (6/4/11)

Ok, so we now have the bug. The Mansion bug. The South is littered with Plantations, that are open for tourists to stay at, to tour through, to gush over, and we were hooked. But, we had just stayed at the biggest and the best in Louisiana, and it was going to take alot to beat it.

Not far away in Darrow was Houmas House. No where near as big, no intention of staying, we didn't know where we were staying tonight. Maybe a bit further up North, who knows. Hopefully another Mansion though :)
But we thought we'd check this one out anyway.

The lawns and grounds were gorgeous. That's one thing I loved, the big lawns and the massive 100 year old trees, the big verandahs. Beautiful.

Look at those trees, can't you just imagine sitting under them stitching, sipping on tea....or a wine??

A bit of history into Houmas House....

Spot me in the tree trunk??

It was all downhill from there....inside it was all clutter. We could touch everything, which was weird. At Nottoway, we couldn't touch anything, it was all too old. Our tour guide here was the lady in the purple shirt at the piano, she was lovely. But then she began to sing. Sing loudly....

Very loudly and louder....and said we could sit on the furniture, touch whatever we wanted....unlike other Plantation Mansions in the area...oops, little bit of tension there??? She was quite boistrous, but very friendly. I was a bit frightened of her...

The tour was ok, but I was keen to leave. It wasn't Nottoway. It was quite gawdy I thought. Not my cup of tea at all. Everything was jam packed in and just mis-matched.

Back in the car and looking for another one...they are everywhere...but I think Robby is over it.
I think the dogs in Dior wedding dresses did it......not sure though???

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