Friday, April 6, 2012

Natchez, Mississippi State 10 USA (6/4/11)

After leaving the last Plantation we kept heading North, as it was now after lunch so we decided to start looking for where we were going to spend the night. We crossed the State line into State number 10, being Mississippi. Yay!! We had already seen quite a bit of the old Mississippi River as it runs through so many states, but now we were actually in the State of Mississippi. So yes, a State line sign photo. (don't actually know what was going on in this photo with me sticking my chest out, or with my wild travel hair???)

We came across a gorgeous little place called Natchez which is situated on the mighty river itself, and what do you know, we found a gorgeous Plantation Mansion in town called "Dunleith" which was just lovely, and what do you know...they had a nice room available on the top floor, at the front of the house overlooking the front lawn opening onto the huge balcony.

Sounds just like me. Look at that bed!! Looks like me :) Ooh and what...$110?? Oh problem.

I feel like a queen....velvet curtains....omg! I love this. Wait till you see the balcony....

Look at this...I don't want to leave!

Can I buy this??? Can you see me on the verandah?

Robert, get me some wine, some chocolate. I'm not moving....except I think I need longer legs...


So relaxing after a few hours in the car...

  It has some cool history behind it too. The original home actually got struck by lightning, well the chimney did, and the whole home burnt down. Only the outside stairs remain at the side of the house. (Photo above) Then the new house was built and sold, and renamed. You can read about the history and the families here.

Ok, Robert is bored, we should go look around Natchez and get a real feed.....

 Look...the Mississippi. A bit blurry, but it's massive.

It is so wide, and runs so fast. its so loud.

Across the road, we found a cute little pub serving dinner. Natchez reminded us of Cairns, sitting across from the river, the weather was similar. It felt quite coastal. It was nice there. (Not quite as nice as our balcony) We bought some choccies and took them back to our balcony for dessert....they looked better than they tasted :(

 An older couple insisted on taking our photo when they saw us taking selfies :) We were struggling trying to get the river in as well as our heads. lol

Dunleith have a Castle behind it which has a nice restaurant in it too, which is where we had breakfast before heading further North to Memphis.

And today is our Kelli's birthday......Happy Birthday Miss Kelli xxx

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Sunshine & Fabric said...

Gorgeous house, and lovely the timber chairs too. Looks like you had fun.