Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I love Skirts!

I used to sew clothes when I was at school, and when the kids were little I would sew shorts & skirts for the kids and myself. Once I discovered patchwork, I ditched the clothes making, and just made quilts. Now I have discovered some gorgeous fabrics like Amy Butler & Heather Bailey's fabric ranges that just look fantastic made up into skirts with a crisp white shirt. Martha & I are addicted. We have bought oodles of fabric, and we are going to have skirts by the dozen this summer.

Martha and I made a wrap around skirt from some Amy Butler fabrics recently, and here is a photo of my sister Mandy wearing it. I gave it to her as a gift, and she was so excited she wore it to a party on the weekend. Here she is modelling the skirt for me.

Also, on the weekend, I made an a-line skirt from some Heather Bailey fabric I recently purchased. I wasnt entirely happy with the pattern, as it was very basic - no interefacing around the waist, and no waistband. I dont like how the skirt has no stability around the top, and so sits a bit funny. I could just add some, but hey, that would mean unpicking, and I HATE unpicking. I will just use this skirt to wear around the house on weekends. I just noticed the nice coloured shirt I had on while trying the skirt on for a photo, hmmm, it looks much nicer with a white shirt!

While finishing this skirt, my5yr old niece Olivia came to visit, and was fascinated by me making a skirt, and politely asked if I had any left over fabric just in case I wanted to make her a skirt tomatch mine! So I quickly whipped up a little skirt for her, it took like ten minutes flat! She was so impressed, and woe it all day. We then had to make barbie a skirt also, however, it was quite bodgy as I didnt have any little elastic, so poor old barbie had to have an ill fitting skirt.

You can see in this photo that Mermaid Barbie has her lovely skirt on to match mine and Olivias. We also then had to make her a shirt, so it is some fabric twisted & tied! Olivia thought it was wonderful.

Now, back to the sewing machine!

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Chenoa said...

Pretty skirts, well done! Don't forget you have other sisters willing to be gift-recipients/models! ;) Ha ha ha